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Monday, May 13, 2013

The Story of Film an Odyssey

     The story of film is a very interesting and informative video that shows the essence and small beginnings of the film industry. Without the invention of electricity the new fast growing arty known as the film industry would of not existed. For that reason Thomas Edison created the most innovated invention that not only shaped America but help create a new form of art. Such as these outstanding films such as 1998s Saving Private Ryan that was one of the movies that made you feel you where there at Pearl Harbor with its camera angles and close ups. To the Lumiere brothers first film of a train going towards people, that made people astonished to this new invention and the feeling it created at looking at a screen projected with images. Which later developed movies in the future like Casablanca, Taxi Driver, Three color Blues, and George Melles famous La Luna that created the first imaginary and innovated movies of a shuttle landing on a moon with a face, and with stop motion in the film. Cinema has been influenced for centuries and will continue to grow for future generations, to go into this magical dark room just waiting for a film to happen.

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