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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Birth of Film

     The Birth of film is such an outstanding story that not only provides information, but shows memorable moments in film that changed the beginnings of the film industry. It all started with the dream of the creation of Hollywood and its strengthening beginnings. In which many actors and companies such as the Warner Bros where created. The many movies that Hollywood created where Thief of Baghdad, Desire, Gone with the wind, Gold Diggers, Singing in the Rain, The Maltes Falcon by the Warner Bros, Scarlette Empress, Brilliant art, Sherlock Jr., and the Three Ages. Many directors like Keaton that made grumpy feelings funny and Ironic to Charlie Chaplin who created comedy in his films. Many talented and gifted actors, directors, and producers help flourish Hollywood  to grow into its giant company that it is today. For over so many years the new forms of creating film not only improved screen shots, close ups, and special effects that made these special films unique in there own ways, so that many generations may love and enjoy for years to come.

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