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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Birth of Film

     The Birth of film is such an outstanding story that not only provides information, but shows memorable moments in film that changed the beginnings of the film industry. It all started with the dream of the creation of Hollywood and its strengthening beginnings. In which many actors and companies such as the Warner Bros where created. The many movies that Hollywood created where Thief of Baghdad, Desire, Gone with the wind, Gold Diggers, Singing in the Rain, The Maltes Falcon by the Warner Bros, Scarlette Empress, Brilliant art, Sherlock Jr., and the Three Ages. Many directors like Keaton that made grumpy feelings funny and Ironic to Charlie Chaplin who created comedy in his films. Many talented and gifted actors, directors, and producers help flourish Hollywood  to grow into its giant company that it is today. For over so many years the new forms of creating film not only improved screen shots, close ups, and special effects that made these special films unique in there own ways, so that many generations may love and enjoy for years to come.

Monday, May 13, 2013

The Story of Film an Odyssey

     The story of film is a very interesting and informative video that shows the essence and small beginnings of the film industry. Without the invention of electricity the new fast growing arty known as the film industry would of not existed. For that reason Thomas Edison created the most innovated invention that not only shaped America but help create a new form of art. Such as these outstanding films such as 1998s Saving Private Ryan that was one of the movies that made you feel you where there at Pearl Harbor with its camera angles and close ups. To the Lumiere brothers first film of a train going towards people, that made people astonished to this new invention and the feeling it created at looking at a screen projected with images. Which later developed movies in the future like Casablanca, Taxi Driver, Three color Blues, and George Melles famous La Luna that created the first imaginary and innovated movies of a shuttle landing on a moon with a face, and with stop motion in the film. Cinema has been influenced for centuries and will continue to grow for future generations, to go into this magical dark room just waiting for a film to happen.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


     Between the folds is a film in unexpected places in which very intelligent and talented people create pieces in the form of paper art known as origami. I was amazed by the quality and dimensional artwork created by such people. This emphasizes the idea that beauty arises in art throughout the world. Not only does it help that idea but allows to show that our entire world is made out of folds and bending through our universe. This idea is just amazing to think of and just imagining how our world looks like in a different perspective. I was astonished of the time and effort put into these artworks and the outcome of such pieces.
     Though the creation of origami not only comes through born talent, because these three dimensional designs are created through mathematics. Many origami physicist, scientists, architects, and engineers work to create the sufisticated and complex designs for an origami. There are many professionals around the world that have learned origami through mathematics though some last up to thirty years of there lives creating this form of art. They all fold to create something amazing that becomes incredibly complex to the human eye. This paper folding art existed for over many years and will continue for many years to come in an even more complex creations.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


 The Fubatar is a new instrument that I invented for a very special class called New Works, with a very interesting and wonderful teacher named Mr. Richards. Well he is quite a teacher you wished you ever had but can not because you my fellow pedestrian do not go to Booker. T. Washington. Though it is a very fun and interesting school where you can express yourself to your fullest, and where teachers expect all you that you can do with just your mind. I am very excited to introduce now my instrument with so much work put into it and the imagination I tried to express in my artistic ways.  So in this instrument my friend it has many interesting uses. First of all its main use is to strum, pluck, or pulling of the string on the top side of the Fubatar. Then you may scratch or blow into the tube to make even more interesting sounds. Finally you can hit or pat the many objects around the instrument, like the metal tin can or many interesting tubes around the Fubatar that also work as a sound or a simple decoration. Now that you have found out many interesting things about this one and only instrument I would like if you to enjoy this video. Viewer discretion is advised, many silly but entertaining clips in this program of the Fubatar.  

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My preview on Mandalas

 In Mr.Richards class we learned about movement and began on learning artistically on Mandalas by an artistic perspective. So our assignment was based on creating a rough draft of our Mandala images. So first of all I drew three images of a circle and two circles that where cut of by the sides of the paper that showed the main shapes of the Mandalas that would later be published or added. Then I added a pattern that went throughout the whole image. So I would later show the finished product. So Mr.Richards class is still interesting and brings many interesting topics that help me in my every day life. It is so fun and a very new experience.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


  New works is a class in Booker.T.Washington that combines all the arts like visual, dance, music, and drama. This class is very unique and can help students learn discipline and have fun with ones talent and with the other clusters too. New works is the most interesting class I have ever taken in my life so it is a time when I can express myself and learn about the world around me at the same time.