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Thursday, December 1, 2011


 The Fubatar is a new instrument that I invented for a very special class called New Works, with a very interesting and wonderful teacher named Mr. Richards. Well he is quite a teacher you wished you ever had but can not because you my fellow pedestrian do not go to Booker. T. Washington. Though it is a very fun and interesting school where you can express yourself to your fullest, and where teachers expect all you that you can do with just your mind. I am very excited to introduce now my instrument with so much work put into it and the imagination I tried to express in my artistic ways.  So in this instrument my friend it has many interesting uses. First of all its main use is to strum, pluck, or pulling of the string on the top side of the Fubatar. Then you may scratch or blow into the tube to make even more interesting sounds. Finally you can hit or pat the many objects around the instrument, like the metal tin can or many interesting tubes around the Fubatar that also work as a sound or a simple decoration. Now that you have found out many interesting things about this one and only instrument I would like if you to enjoy this video. Viewer discretion is advised, many silly but entertaining clips in this program of the Fubatar.